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Today I visited my friend Ndaanis. I was very excited to see her as I had a special video to show her. On my last visit with her I found out that she and her family are big fans of Criss Angel, they would have family nights watching his show. What I was able to accomplish in a very short time is to say the least heartwarming and magical. I’m so happy Criss Angel helped me bring some hope to this beautiful child.

Ndaanis doesn’t have much time with us , I will make sure I put lots of smiles on her face in the little time we have together. I have some amazing things planned for her in the next few days, let’s all pray that she gets the strength to be able to leave the hospital for a few days.

Ndaanis is the bravest child I’ve ever met, how she is dealing with this illness is beyond inspiring. I hope everyone shares this very emotional video, the world should know that there is still hope and compassion out there and that your loving actions can change a life in a positive way.