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Thank you to everyone that sent good thoughts and prayers to my dear friend Layla. I got to spend some time with her today and I was very happy to see that she is doing better. Layla was able to communicate with me by giving me a thumbs up and nodding her head. When I told her that I have a big surprise waiting for her when she awoke she squeezed my hand so tight in excitement.

Everything I witnessed today looked promising but there are still several unknowns and she still has some fighting to do, please continue to pray for her recovery.

I am so blessed to get to know these amazing children, children like Layla, they fight everyday and they are all my heroes. I have learned so much from these children, they have taught me that I must fight harder to be able to continue doing all the great things the TLC Foundation does for these amazing children. To all those individuals that want to prevent the TLC Foundation from assisting children all I can say is that I will not give up because children like Layla need me and I need them!!!