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When the TLC Foundation gets a call to lift the spirits of a child there is nothing we won’t do or ask others to do to put a smile on their face.

Lorelai is in Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and had a very rough night. To lift her spirits we were asked to deliver her a gift but that was going to be very challenging since we are in London.

After many hours on the phone asking different toy companies if they would assist me in getting these gift to her I finally found someone that was willing to help. I must say at that point my blood pressure was very high because I do not like to hear the words “I wish I could help but I can’t” I do not like to hear those types of responses. If you really want to help someone you will find a way to do it.

Thank You Sophie from Toys Toys Toys in Toronto for taking the time to listen and help deliver these gifts to Lorelai. Sophie personally delivered these gifts and made a very sick child happy.

It is wonderful people like Sophie that make this world a better place. She showed compassion and went out of her way to help out a total stranger.

Just look at the smile on Lorelai’s face, how could you not want to do all you can to make her happy!!!!!