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When life can be unfair and when it’s hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel it’s fate that sometimes brings people together, people to help in their time of need.

It was by pure fate that I met Everleigh, it was if something drew me to her, something told me to reach out to her and I’m so happy I did!!

Everleigh is battling a life threatening terrible disease an illness that she has been battling for a few years but things are getting worse. When I met Everleigh in the hospitals gift shop she was very sad, I could sense something was wrong something more troubling. I wanted to put a smile on her face so I did all I could in that moment to do just that. Out of the blue I told her she could pick out any item she wanted in the gift shop. At first Everleigh was a little apprehensive but eventually we walked around the gift shop looking for something for her to pick out. After a few minutes she picked out a few items and we said our goodbyes. To say that is the end of this story is an understatement for what transpired that day was a lot more than I could ever imagine.

The day I met Everleigh she was very sad , it wasn’t until the next day that I was informed that Everleigh had just attended her brothers funeral a few days earlier. Everleigh was in the hospital for treatment and didn’t want to be there so to get her mind off of things she went to the hospital gift shop waiting for her appointment, that’s when things changed for both of us, that’s when I entered into her life. The next day I received a heartwarming message from Everleigh’s mother who explained that the gift Everleigh picked out was very special and that I was able to make Everleigh’s day a little brighter and provide a few smiles. That special gift Everleigh picked out was a locket. Everleigh wanted something to put a picture of her and her late brother in, this gift meant everything to her.

Since that fateful day I have seen Everleigh and her family many times. To try and lift all of the families spirits I recently sent Everleigh and her family to Niagra Falls for a little break, a break from a world for them that is very difficult right now.

I will continue to be by Everleigh and her families side during this difficult time and I will continue to put lots of smiles on Everleighs face.

I was not suppose to be in the gift shop that day. For me and Everleigh to meet is something that’s very hard to explain but things happen for a reason and I’m very happy that we met that fateful day!

The picture below was taken in Niagara Falls, Cj, Everleigh’s little brother, is on the left and Everleigh is on the right. Look at those beautiful smiles, it warms my heart to see them smile when smiles are really hard to come by.