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When I received a call from a mother who was telling me that she was upset and crying after receiving some disappointing news about her sons condition I couldn’t help but drive to the parking lot where she was to lend some support . The mother was from out of town and had spent the morning at the hospital with her kids and would be spending the night as her son needed to have more tests the next day.

I was questioning why was she in a parking lot near the hospital with her kids and not in the comfort of the hotel room that was arranged for her. When she told me the answer I immediately went into action and booked her a different hotel, one that was very accommodating and understanding. The reason why she was in a parking lot was that she went to the hotel that was arranged for her but was told she couldn’t check in until after 3 pm. The hotel certainly would have known why she was booked a room so I’m not sure why they didn’t try to accommodate her. The mother didn’t have anywhere to go or do but sit in a parking lot until her room was ready so the TLC Foundation did what it had to do to help the situation and got her a hotel room that she could get in right away.

Its certainly not easy to travel to London with two kids, spend the morning in the hospital then go to the hotel to get settled but be told to come back hours later because check in isn’t until 3 pm. Sometimes what seems trivial to one person means the world to someone else. Spending 10 minutes in a car with your children can sometimes be challenging now imagine if you had to do it for hours but this time your kids haven’t eaten, been in the hospital all morning having tests and are getting tired and inpatient and are not healthy to begin with, not sure if any parent could do that without breaking down.