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Well its official!!! Chef Gordon Ramsay’s team has agreed to provided Michael a meet and greet in May with the famous Chef. Not only is Michael going to meet Chef Ramsay he will also be dining at his new Hell Kitchen restaurant and be given VIP treatment.

When I went to visit Michael and give him this great news he was groggy and sleepy from the chemo treatments but once I told him about this trip, well the picture says it all!!!

A very special person who will not let me mention his name wants to cover some of the cost of this trip. I am sure this person will be reading this post and all I can say to him is god bless you and thank you for supporting the TLC Foundation. Without your ongoing support the TLC Foundation could not do all these wonderful things it does for these deserving kids.

We will be sure to send you pictures of this amazing evening.

It sometimes takes many emails and many months to get a response to a request and unfortunately when you are dealing with celebrities you don’t always get a positive response. Chef Gordon Ramsay has a big heart and loves to do things for kids. I did not have to send hundreds of emails to his team to get this done, it only took one and that says a lot about him, Justin his assistant and his organization. I do realize that he probably can’t do this for everyone but I feel special in knowing that he is doing it for me and that my friends says a lot about the TLC Foundation, we may be small but we strive to do big things.