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Today I said goodbye to my little Buddy Max. It was very heartwarming to see the hundreds of people who came out to honour Max. In Max’s 2 years on earth he made a huge impact on everyone that was fortunate enough to know him.

Max’s passing has certainly taught me something. It taught me that I can never give up no matter how difficult it can be to sometimes put smiles on children’s faces. Max fought every day of his life but rarely did he show it, he would give you a smile no matter how bad he was feeling. Max was someone very special, the effect he had on this world will be felt for many years.

I send prayers and strength to Jamie and Kevin and the rest of the family as they deal with the loss of their son. I hope they get some comfort in knowing that there is a huge community out there that will be there for them in this most difficult time in their lives.

In loving memory of an amazing boy Max who was a true hero to all of us.

May you Rest in Peace.