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This is one of the most heartwarming messages I have ever received. There was some magic in the air last night as the TLC Foundation granted Christmas wishes to children in the hospital. We are not just providing a gift we are providing wonderful memories that will last a life time!!! When a gift comes from the heart it has more meaning than when it is given for other reasons , the message below confirms that the TLC Foundation must never give up assisting children no matter how difficult it sometimes can be and trust me it’s certainly not getting easier!!!!

Not only did Leo and his foundation grant my daughters wish they saw beyond it and multiplied her expectations.
I have not seen her smile like that in ages. My husband and I were moved to tears as we watched her uncover the box.
We have been so focused on making her well that we’ve had little time to make her happy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Merry Christmas. Happy new Year. Bless you.