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There are times when I don’t realize the real impact the TLC Foundation has on children and their families. It’s times like this that send me a message and that message is to never give up assisting children no matter what hurdles are put in our way!!!!

I recently received a message from a mother who informed me that their daughter, Georgia who I had the pleasure of meeting recently passed away. I remember meeting this beautiful little girl and seeing the smiles on her face when she opened the gift we had brought her, I remember it like it was yesterday.

The family would like to make a donation to the TLC Foundation in memory of their daughter. The mother wanted to let me know that the family wants to use the funds that were going to be used to buy Georgia Christmas presents be used to purchase gifts for children that will be in the hospital on Christmas Eve. Every Child that is in the hospital on Christmas Eve will be granted a Christmas wish by the TLC Foundation and this year we will grant those wishes in Georgia’s memory.

I send prayers and love to Georgia’s family during this very difficult time. I hope they get some comfort in knowing that because of their love and caring for others the TLC Foundation will do it’s best to put smiles on the faces of children that need a little lift this Christmas Eve, all in memory of Georgia.

Rest in Peace Georgia, you will always be loved and will never be forgotten.