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The TLC Foundation is devoted to providing sick kids the opportunity to do exactly what they’re meant to do; be a kid. On a normal day, many of these kids are unable to do what most kids can. Therefore, TLC arranges a “Leo day” where in which they can do anything they desire. There are two rules for the day: no parents allowed, and the word “no” is not used.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with my friend Everleigh, where she had the opportunity to play, and do anything she wanted during our special day. Something that you maybe don’t see is the oxygen line that Everleigh needs to survive on a daily basis. On our special day, it was as if that oxygen line became invisible. She didn’t have to worry or be restricted from what she cannot do on a normal day and was able to do whatever she wished.

TLC continues to harness special moments for these children and strives to bring smiles to their faces.