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The TLC Foundation does its best to inform people of all of the amazing work it does for children in our community. Whenever possible, we post pictures and stories of children whose lives have been changed by the good deeds the charity does. What people may not realize is the charity is consistently working hard to provide children with hope and smiles, and that we never say, “we have done enough” rather, “what else can we do?”. Even though you may not hear from us, the charity is still making many hospital visits or fulfilling the many requests we receive on a monthly basis. Within the last month, we have made many hospital visits and have granted some incredible wishes.

One wish in particular was for a young man named Dylan. His story is a little complicated and sad, so when I received a call and heard his story, I had to do everything within my reach to grant him his wish. If not for the TLC Foundation, Dylan’s wish of attending a Toronto Maple Leaf’s game and meeting a few players would have never happened. This wish would not have happened without the assistance of an amazing man, Joe Bowen, who went out of his way to ensure Dylan had an unbelievable time at a recent game.

I honestly believe there is no other charity like the TLC Foundation. With the ability to grant wishes for these amazing kids, the charity simultaneously ensures we raise enough funds to operate the charity, manage Santa’s House from the building stage to the operating stage, as well as giving endless support for the children and their families and all functions involved in operating a charity; all without anyone receiving any remuneration, something that we are very proud of. These acts of kindness are done on everyone’s own time, and it is truly amazing to witness individuals giving their time and resources, which is what the true meaning of the charity is all about. Thankfully, TLC has some astounding individuals who believe in the Foundation and everything it accomplishes. Ultimately, we could not do all of the tremendous things we do without the support of hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations.

I look forward to sharing more incredible stories in the coming months, as we have some amazing things being planned for some very deserving kids. My hope is that more people will share all of these wonderful stories with their family and friends to raise more awareness of what the TLC Foundation is all about, so that we can continue to support more children.

Leo Larizza
TLC Foundation