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On our trip to Las Vegas the TLC Foundation made arrangements for Carter and his family to attend a Criss Angel show. Upon hearing that Carter was battling cancer Criss invited Carter backstage after the show. A special friendship was struck between Carter and Criss that fateful day.

Upon hearing that Carter lived in Ontario, Criss invited all of us to his show at Caesars Windsor . After the show we met with Criss backstage where Criss showed all of us what an amazing individual he was. Criss personally thanked Carter for attending his show and spend some time talking to all of us.

The TLC Foundation presented Criss with a Bad Hair Day hat. Upon hearing the significance of the hat Criss stated that he would wear the hat often to show his support for Sophia who passed away 5 years to the day. To be able to present Criss Sophia’s hat on the 5th anniversary of her passing was special to say the least.

A huge thank you to Yvette of Criss Angels office. Yvette made the Las Vegas meet and greet happen by taking the time to let Criss know all about Carter.

I sometimes wonder how a small town , no name charity like the TLC Foundation can make some amazing things happen for these deserving kids!!! I guess I’m getting a lot of help from the big guy upstairs.