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My friend Sophia has spent the last 3 months in the hospital at the bedside of her 2 and a half year old brother, Tristan, who is very sick with an illness that there is no cure for. All of us who have met this amazing young boy pray that there is a miracle but the outcome does not look good. I will keep on praying for Tristan, his story is one that would warm up all of our hearts.

Sophia only leaves the hospital to go to school; she does her best to keep herself occupied in the hospital, something that would be hard for anyone to do especially a 6 year old. A few weeks ago the TLC Foundation gifted Sophia a bike so that she could ride it around the hospital grounds; I wanted her to feel like a kid should.

Last week I was asked to pay Sophia a visit in the hospital, she had a surprise for me. Well I must say that my heart was filled with joy like never before when the surprise was a CD of a song that she wrote and sang for me. This little girl just amazes me!!! Sofia has the most amazing heart; she is truly one of a kind. We could all learn something from this little girl. Instead of being upset and angry that she has to spend her time in the hospital she turns the time that she has into comforting her little brother and performs acts of kindness for anyone she meets. God Bless you Sophia you are truly an inspiration to all of us.

Please share these amazing video of Sophia singing the song that she wrote for the TLC Foundation. In my opinion this song should be a bigger hit than any song every written. It is a song from the heart from a a little girl who loves her brother and who cares for others.