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It takes a lot of caring individuals to help the TLC Foundation put smiles on the faces of children that are sick.

Hayden was able to go to a ball game while in Philadelphia and watch the Phillies play the Jays. In an effort to give her the “best day ever”the TLC Foundation was able to get Hayden on the field and she was able to meet some Blue Jay and Phillies players and coaches.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Shane Davies who took the time and contacted his buddy Chris Robinson who has some connections in the baseball world. Chris contacted his friend Sam Fuld who is with the Phillies organization. Sam made all this happen for Hayden and treated her like a VIP. Sam made Hayden feel special and gave her a day she will never forget.

God bless all of you that made this happen for Hayden, her family and the TLC Foundation. Without your compassion and true caring for others this day would have not been possible.

As my dear friend Ed always says to me “ never stop asking “ and on that advice the TLC Foundation is able to do some amazing things for kids with the help of some very caring individuals!!!