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I was very happy to be there for my good friend Michael, whenever the need arises I will be there for him.

Michael is my hero and I love the fight he has in him to beat this terrible disease.
It’s not easy fighting cancer, it can sometimes make you tired and there are times when you want to give up. When that happens I promise the kids that I will be there to lift their spirits and be by their side when sometimes the pain is too much to handle.

As much as I like to give the kids a gift to lift their spirits there are many times when just being by their side, comforting them, telling them funny things that will make them smile and laugh can also be a great gift.

I felt happy knowing that I made Michael laugh and smile during my visit with him.

The TLC Foundation will always be there for these amazing kids , no matter how tough the battle is we will be there by their side helping them fight and hopefully putting a few smiles on their faces to help them get through a very difficult time in their lives.