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I strongly believe that in life things sometimes happen for a reason.

When I asked Chris Robinson to set up a meet and greet for Hayden at a Phillies Vs Jays ball game while Hayden was in Philadelphia receiving treatment, I never thought that it would lead to something even more exciting. During that meet and greet Hayden’s mom got introduced to Tim Leiper who is the first base coach for the Jays. Because of the friendship that was made that day between Tim and Hayden the Magical moments continued when Tim arranged for Hayden to throw the first pitch at a recent Jays game.

It’s very heartwarming to know that there are people like Chris and Tim who believe in what the TLC Foundation is trying to accomplish and that is provide some amazing memories for children and their families who need some Magical moments in their lives.

The TLC Foundation is very gratefully to the hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations who support the charity, you are the reason why we exist today.

God bless you all!!!