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I am truly amazed by all the acts of kindness that the TLC Foundation experiences on a yearly basis. People reaching out doing some amazing things all because they want to help others in need.

I recently received a call from a lady that wanted to make a donation to the TLC Foundation , she heard me on the radio talking about what the TLC Foundation does and she wanted to help.

I met this lady at a coffee shop near Santa’s house with a friend of hers and I must say I immediately felt that this lady was something special. It wasn’t until I met her that I realized the reason why she couldn’t meet me at Santa’s house . Mihaiela lost her husband to cancer 3 years ago and a few months later was in a very bad car accident. Mihaiela has difficulty get around and is still mending from the accident but she took the time to come to me to ensure I receive her very generous donation and some other gifts for children.

Mihaiela reminded me of my mother someone who has a very big heart and a very deep caring for others and would give everything they have to help others.

Mihaiela told me to keep on putting smiles on the children’s faces but that day she put a big smile on mine!!!