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As promised, we followed through on our devotion to put smiles on Eveleigh’s face.

After a little shopping spree at Toys R Us, the TLC Foundation enjoyed a night at Palasad with Eveleigh and some of her family members. Thank you to the amazing staff at Palasad South particularly Scott and Ernest for making Eveleigh’s and CJ’s night so special. It was heartwarming to see Eveleigh run around and just be a kid. Unfortunately, Eveleigh’s illness prevents her from doing many things that other children may be capable of. However, last night she was able to participate in many activities including a great game of laser tag .When Eveleigh said “this was one of the best days of my life”, we were all overwhelmed with joy!

After many hours at Palasad, the family was treated to an overnight stay in a suite at the London Delta Armories. Thank you to our friends from the Delta, and Gerry Champagne, for always being there for the TLC Foundation when the need arises.

It is little things like this that make a difference in the lives of children who should never have to worry about anything except for being a kid.